Canadian National Figure Skating Championships 2008

Each day of the competition I filled up 3Gb worth of memory cards of photos. At the moment they are totally unprocessed, but slotting into events, grouping by competitors, cropping and maybe even some commentary are intended. For now, though, here's 16Gb of skating photos (around 800 each day, more than 4000 photos), for your viewing pleasure (not that it will be any fun if you're on dial-up).

There are 140 pages of thumbnails that expand to a bigger picture if clicked on (standard behaviour). At the bottom of the expanded page is a "Full size" link. The full size images average about 3Mb, so don't say I didn't warn you!

I'm releasing the photos freely for non-commercial use. Unless, of course, the pictures are of you, then do what you want with them, but drop me a line because I'd like to know.

As previously mentioned I filled up the cards each day and as a logical extension was editing on the spot. Obviously when I missed the target those photos were deleted, but I also tried to delete "panty shots" unless they were part of a particularly good sequence. If you object to a photo of you, please let me know and it will be removed.

I missed a few events (or flights) due to an inability to drag myself out of bed (sorry, juniors!) and the entire Senior Men's Final due to a snafu in scheduling on my part (sob!). For everything else (for the most part) it was all about who skated by my corner...

Enough blather, have a look at the photos.

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