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An Up-To-Date And Informative Newsletter For All Elvis Stojko Fans!!!

Elvis Stojko The New World Newsletter will provide a direct link to Elvis' life on and off the ice. It will include information on all up and coming tours throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. It will also include air dates of all major TV specials (e.g. Canadians and Worlds) as well as an opportunity for an inside look at Elvis' day to day social activities (e.g. martial arts and dirt biking).

We would love to hear from all of you, so send in your questions, comments, pictures and stories, which we will try to publish in every issue of Elvis Stojko The New World Newsletter.

Also available, Elvis Stojko merchandise:

  1. Elvis Shirts - - $25.00
  2. Limited Edition Posters - - $10.00
  3. Pins - - $5.00
  4. Colour Photos, As Available.

For more information or to order a subscription to the newsletter write:

Elvis Stojko The New World Newsletter P.O. Box 69029
Rosedale Postal Outlet
1900 King St. E
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8K 6R4

Postal/Zip Code:

Subscription Cost:
Canada - - $25.00/Yr
United States - - $21.00/Yr (US Dollars)
International - - $31.00/Yr (Canadian Dollars)

Cheque or money order payable to Christine Jelly (Elvis Stojko - - The New World Newsletter).


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