Canadian National Figure Skating Championships: Fours Event

On this topic, Beverly Smith's Figure Skating: A Celebration, on page 113, says:
In fact, Canada is one of the few countries in the world that offers fours events at the national championship. With intermittent breaks, Canada has staged fours competitions since 1914.... However, immediately after [David Dore's] win in 1964, there was a seventeen-year break until the event was revived in 1982. Several others [sic] countries, such as the Soviet Union, Germany, and the United States, had fours skating on a limited basis, but it was largely unknown in other countries.
Will fours competition ever be revived again? Only the CFSA knows. Perhaps with the rise of precision figure skating, it is redundant. Or, since it seems that no one can get enough of figure skating these days (except maybe disgruntled baseball fans 8), it could be both a bridge between the "individual" competitors and precision teams, and a discipline in its own right.

My information only goes up to 1985, so what year fours stopped being held again, I don't know but it's not necessarily 1985.

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