2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Figure Skating Photos

Again, I'm releasing the photos freely for non-commercial use. Unless, of course, the pictures are of you, then do what you want with them, but drop me a line because I'd like to know.

Note:I edit on the fly in camera, deleting missed subjects, blurry photos, etc. so that I don't run out of memory card space. One subject that I also try to delete are "panty shots", unless they were part of a particularly good sequence. If you object to a photo of you, please let me know and it will be removed.

This photo set is almost completely of practices since real event tickets were hard to come by and insanely expensive. Practices are weird things where the skater's program music is played in turn and the skaters usually hit their opening pose, but often just glide around visualizing (??) instead of doing their elements but then later (or earlier, depending) they will jump or spin, just often not when their music is playing. As a general rule, I tried to focus on the skater whose music was playing, but if they were just gliding around I'd refocus temporarily on whoever was doing something more interesting. The biggest backfire of this method was when Plushenko did all his practicing during other people's program music and then left before his played.

Enough blather, have a look at the approximately 14000 photos:

Also, here are a few of my favourites:

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