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In '84 Christine had outgrown (WRT size) her partner, Kevin Wheeler, and decided to quit and become a regular high school student, but when she saw her friends at the '84 Olympics, she had to come back. As fate would have it, Doug was also shopping for a new partner at that time (his previous partner had grown too much for Doug). The only thing she asked of him when they dissolved their partnership was that he not skate with Christine! Well, let's hope he didn't actually promise her that he'd do that, because obviously he didn't 8-). Success, more or less, followed.

Doug's first priority is always Christine's safety. In November 1986, Doug hit a rut during a lift in a practice session. He saved Christine, but fractured his skull "in a couple of places". It was a near life-threatening injury, but a week later Doug was out on the ice (with a helmet on 8-) again.

Unlike many/most other couples, they have never dated, perhaps due to the 8 year age difference. However, they are the best of friends, and at Doug's marriage, Christine was his "best man" and at Christine's wedding, Doug "gave her away". Also, Ekaterina Gordeeva was a bridesmaid and Daria Grinkova was a flower girl at her July '96 wedding.

Note: Unfortunately, Christine has retired from skating for a variety of reasons. Doug continues to be involved as a coach and I suspect that we have not heard that last of him with respect to professional skating...

Doug's coaching is split between the Mariposa school in Barrie and the Granite Club in Toronto where he will officially join the staff in the fall (of 1997). He is also developing a new sideline as a choreographer for both pairs and singles skaters. In addition to these regular activities he is in demand as a guest coach and lecturer across the country.

Lara will be with the Stars On Ice tour for her fourth year.

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