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Kristi Tsuya Yamaguchi is the dominant professional female skater these days and tends to win virtually all competitions that she enters. Very, very talented, and IMHO not as popular as she should be amongst her countrymen.

Kristi's skating idol was Dorothy Hamill, and Kristi was the first American woman to win gold at the Olympics since Dorothy, ending a drought of 16 years.

During her rise through the ranks, Kristi competed in both the women's singles and pairs (with Rudy Galindo) disciplines. She was both determined and successful until 1989 when her singles coach, Christy Ness, moved to Edmonton. Kristi began bouncing between Edmonton and California in her quest to continue training in both disciplines, until the travel and pressure from the USFSA to just pick one all became too much. When her pairs coach, Jim Hulick, died late that year, the choice was almost easy.

Kristi has had no second thoughts about going pro. Although she is still young, she has accomplished all that she wants or needs to as an amateur singles skater and was never tempted by reinstatement. She could be persuaded to return to amateur competition, but only as part of a pairs team. Surprisingly enough, no one has taken her up on that offer.

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International Management Group (IMG)
Kevin Albrecht
1 St. Clair Avenue E. #700
Toronto, ON, M4T 2V7

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