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Simply spectacular, I expect Chen Lu to be around a long time (people who are expecting her to go pro are daft, she's in for the long haul until China has a whole team of skaters as good as she). IMHO she will be the next gold medalist (world and olympic) if someone doesn't club her in the knee. 8) 8)

Before they had any success in figure skating, China had no reason to build rinks, consequently there were few as Chen was growing up. However, since her father was a member of the national hockey team and the manager of an outdoor ice rink, Chen was able to get most of the ice time she wanted. Sports were also in her blood from her mother's side, she being a serious table tennis player.

Chen did her first triple jump at age 9, by 10 she could do 5 different triples. She also studies ballet.

Tougher than nails, Chen tried but was unable to compete at the 1994 Worlds with a stress fracture in her foot. It has been said that Kristi Yamaguchi is her skating hero.

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