Upcoming Figure Skating Shows, Tours and Exhibitions Page

Shows, tours, exhibitions, made for TV specials, etc. This is where all the non-competition skating related event info that I find interesting will get deposited. 8)

Many competitions will also be broadcast. Once the event takes place, it becomes a show. But until I have a broadcast date (and the event has yet to take place) it remains only on the upcoming competition page. If I have a date it'll be on both pages with appropriate links for more info.

Contains: Upcoming Live Events / Upcoming Broadcast Events /Weekly TV Shows / Special Presentations / Upcoming Tours

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Broadcast Events

Contains: Weekly Shows / Special Presentations

Regular TV Shows to Watch For

Skating Specials

Upcoming with Unscheduled Air Date

Upcoming Tours

Of course, tours are also live events (and these days they are also almost all broadcast events as well), but just to keep down the clutter (and I'm sure people interested in the tour dates in their area will follow the links down here 8)

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