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Brian began skating to keep him out of trouble while his older sister, Janice took lessons. He pretty much enjoyed all sports, and so ended up playing hockey for a few years, but it could never compare to the sensations of freedom and movement provided by figure skating.

Life was proceeding in a normal fashion until the year Donald Jackson was the special guest at Brian's club carnival. During rehearsals, 9 year old Brian brazenly showed off for the celebrity, prompting Donald to suggest to mother Orser that private lessons might be in order for the talented young skater. She called Doug Leigh, and we all know the result.

In his autobiography, Brian describes the pressures of training and competing that caused his education to fall by the wayside. One can understand and forgive. Somewhat. But as of 1988, he still had not yet finished high school, with just a few classes to go. And now, out of the amateur rat-race for many years... Having been an academic all my life, I find this to be nigh unbearable. 8)

For recreation, Brian enjoys skiing, water-skiing, swimming, and (surprise, surprise) "rollerblading". He owns various businesses with his brothers and sisters. He has been a colour commentator for CTV for a number of years, but that is unlikely to continue through the current restructuring.

Brian is very active in charity work. Following the death of his good friend Rob McCall from AIDS, Brian organized Skate the Dream. He is also involved with the Make a Wish Foundation that tries to ease the suffering of terminally ill children.

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