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Isabelle is shy, sensitive and unassuming. Scott Hamilton once reported that her jumping troubles in '94 followed a careless reporter's (Toller!) statement that she was a weak jumper. Lloyd is confident, opinionated and (some say too) outspoken. He also gets a new tattoo with each (gold?) medal. But while they may differ in these personality traits, they are both ambitious, skilled athletes that enjoy winning.

Initially, Isabelle was wary of skating with a partner who looked like he would put her in a wheelchair before the end of a week. Lloyd, who had already had a successful pairs career with Kathy Matousek, thought his competitive days were coming to an end. Clearly first impressions were wrong that day.

At one point, for a couple of years, Isabelle and Lloyd tried dating (like all unrelated pairs and dancers? 8), but "...it was too hard, spending that much time together. We decided to go on with our own separate personal lives, and put our skating first," says Brasseur. "Very easy to say, but much harder to do," adds Eisler. But, they have remained best friends.

Of him, she says: "He has a temper and he's outspoken. But once you get through that part of him, he's a gentle person with a soft heart. I know he'd do anything for me." Of her, he says: "She's a genuinely nice person, just a wonderful person. I feel lucky to have her as my friend."

Lloyd injured his knee in a pickup hockey game that has required surgery a few times, and explains the brace he often wears when exercising, but not performing. Isabelle cracked a rib before the '94 Olympics and reinjured it just before Worlds. In agony the whole time, they nevertheless competed to a silver medal.

Lloyd has stated the intention to retire by the time he is 40 and become involved in business. Isabelle is studying business administration and is currently taking the National Coaching Certification Program Level 1 Figure Skating Technical course. She, her brother, her mother,and Lloyd are building a rink outside Montreal. Isabelle sees a possible future in broadcasting or public relations.

For now they seem through with competition. Their last year as amateurs did not end on the high note that they had hoped for, and their first year as professionals was also fraught with disappointment. They enjoy entertaining the audiences in shows such as Stars on Ice, the Campbell's Soup tour, and the like. They are also the primary organizers of the Kraft Dreams on Ice.

They are also busy with other charity commitments such as Lloyd being an honorary board member for Big Brothers of Canada, Isabelle works with Big Sisters, they both do work in a Montreal soup kitchen from time to time, and (of course, as all celebrities must 8) they help several AIDS organizations.

Isabelle was married to Rocky Marval on 10/08/96 at St. Patrick's Basilica in Montreal where she was escorted down the aisle by her mother and brother. The ceremony was bi-lingual. Other skaters who were in attendance were: Lloyd (of course), Kristi Yamaguchi, and Nancy Kerrigan. The reception was held at the Ritz. (A short article on the topic can be found in The Ottawa Citizen on Sunday, Aug 11, 1996.)

From here on down is the contents of an article/interview in Chatelaine magazine:

Their heroes:

His hero: tennis great John McEnroe, because "I like his attitude."

Her heroes: Canadian skating pairs champions Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini, "because of their achievements... they never let a bad performance affect them and they always have a positive attitude."

Additional biographical info

Courtesy of Aileen Kiely (who was also kind enough to type in the article from Chatelaine, but I'll take the rap for actually using the copyrighted material 8)

Isabelle says, "Lloyd & I are very sincere with "hugs" -- without fans -- we wouldn't exist."

Isabelle has a brother in Quebec and Lloyd has two married sisters who live stateside.

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Isabelle Brasseur

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Coach: Josee Picard, Eric Gilles

Competitive History

Isabelle (Fred) Brasseur and Lloyd (Herbie) Eisler do some of the most spectacular and entertaining programs around, but never seem to impress the judges as much as the audience. Their standard reply to reporters asking if they are disappointed over placement is that they are "out there" for the audience. If the audience is happy then they are happy and that's all that matters.



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International Management Group
Jay Ogden/Yuki Segusa
22 E. 71st Street
New York, NY 10021

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Brasseur & Eisler Fan Club
1275 Walker Road, #24009
Windsor, ON, N8Y 4Y9

The Brasseur and Eisler Fan Club offers 2 different pre-shrunk autographed T-shirts ($22) and sweat shirts ($35) in S, M, L, and XL. One is of a serious poise in their Olympic costume and one is a comedic image. Send the details of your order along with a cheque or money order to:
Lloyd Eisler Sr.
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