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All characters and materials pertaining to Ranma 1/2
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I do so love to combine my hobbies. In this case they are figure skating and comics (anime/manga to be specific). A short synopsis about Ranma 1/2 is probably required (for the full story) for the unwary skating enthusiast. For the manga afficianados, the images of people below are real, international level figure skaters, both pro and amateur. 8)

Ranma 1/2 is both an animated series (anime, available on laserdisk from your local chinatown or in Canada at Rogers Video) and a comic book (manga, available at your local comic specialty store in individual issues (part two, #5-8) or collected into graphic novels (book 2-3), also in Japanese originals (volumes 3#6-9, 4#1-4) or Chinese translations in some chinatowns). The characters involved are, for the most part, martial artists. The various opponents that appear to torment our protagonists tend to be specialists in silly things like "martial arts take out fighting" or "rhythmic gymnastics martial arts". Now, early in the series, a (golden) pair whose talent was in martial arts figure skating challenged our heroine to battle over the pig, P-Chan, who was involuntarily renamed Charlotte (for the text of this story try Nettouhen part 7, Nettouhen part 8, and Nettouhen part 9). What followed was a martial arts battle royale in a figure skating backdrop. 8)

Almost forgot the important detail that certain characters change into other things (mostly animals, exceptions as noted) when they meet with cold water (hot water changes them back).

Now, imagine if you will, they (whoever they might be) have decided to put on a travelling ice show or film a live action tv special based on "Darling Charlotte" storyline. The obvious choice for Ranma himself (our hero, who will be paired with Akane) is Elvis Stojko.
elvis ranma (male)
For Ranma herself (our hero's damper half, who will be paired with Ryoga), the choice is tougher, although I lean towards Midori Ito because she is (a) Japanese (b) can do the triple axel and (c) is shorter than Elvis (not that Ranma was any good at skating, so to pull off those acrobatics perhaps we need Surya Bonaly 8)
midori ranma(female) surya
For Akane (our heroine who is paired with Ranma-he) I favour Yuka Sato or perhaps Lu Chen (although based on nationality, Ms. Chen should be Shampoo who, unfortunately, was not involved)
yuka akane lu akane
For Ryouga (who's damper half is P-Chan == Charlotte and is later paired with Ranma-she) I'm going to suggest Sebastien Britten based purely on height and hair colour, but perhaps for the ability to look like he doesn't really know how to skate when he does we need Gary Beacom.

sebastien ryouga gia & gary
For Azusa Shiratori and Mikado Sanzenin (our villains), again based purely on looks we might want Gritschuk and Platov. Of course, reknowned for their tricks are Brasseur and Eisler.
B&E goodbye whirl

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