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Born in Newmarket, Ontario. Lives and trains in Barrie, ON. (ok, so I've yet to find an official source for all this. Nevertheless, it all takes place less than an hour's drive from downtown Toronto. 8)

Elvis is the Kids' Ambassador for Ronald McDonald Children's Charities (RMCC) of Canada.

Basic Stats

Birth Date: 22/03/1972
Trains: Mariposa Club
Home Town: Richmond Hill, ON (a 'burb of Toronto)
Coach: Doug Leigh, Uschi Keszler, Ellen Burka
Sifu: Glen Doyle
Older Brother: Attila
Older Sister: Elizabeth
Mother: Irene
Father: Stephen

Competitive History

Two time world champion and one time Olympic silver medalist, Elvis intends to win gold for Canada at Nagano in '98.


Exhibitions and Shows

Other Notable Awards or Achievments

Contacts and Clubs


Ed Futerman
2 St.Clair Avenue East
15th Floor, Colonia Tower
Toronto, ON, M4T 2R1

Fan Newsletters

The New World Newsletter

There is a new newsletter about to be published out of Hamilton, ON by Christine Jelly (writer and editor). In addition to the newsletter, official Elvis merchandise will also be offered from this source. The full text of the announcement flyer is available at the request of the creators.

Out of the Shadow

Lisa G. Beard runs a newsletter for Elvis Stojko Fans called Out of the Shadow. For a limited time, the subscription rate is US$19 (usually it is US$25, just mention the offer and they will give you that rate). The text of the sale offer is available.

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